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Form N-565, Application for Replacement Naturalization/Citizenship Document

Form N-565 Explained

What is Form N-565 used for?

U.S. citizens may use Form N-565, Application for Replacement Naturalization/Citizenship Document, to replace a Certificate of Naturalization or Certificate of Citizenship. Both are documents that provide official proof of U.S. citizenship. Only citizens who were previously issued a document should use this form.

Common reasons to replace a citizenship document include:

  • Certificate was lost, stolen or destroyed;
  • Certificate was damaged/mutilated;
  • Citizen’s name changed since the document was issued; or
  • Certificate contains incorrect information.

U.S. citizens may also file Form N-565 to replace a Declaration of Intention, Repatriation Certificate or Original special certificate of naturalization as a U.S. citizen to be recognized by a foreign county.

Eligibility to Replace a Citizenship Document

Who needs Form N-565?

Only use the N-565 application if the U.S. government previously issued you a citizenship document. If the original certificate was lost, stolen or requires corrections, the N-565 application is the formal request to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to replace the document. Generally, you must have been issued one of the following documents:

Certificate of Naturalization

Certificate of Naturalization (replaceable with N-565 application)

A Naturalization Certificate is a U.S. identity document for a person who obtained U.S. citizenship through naturalization.

Certificate of Citizenship

Certificate of Citizenship (replaceable with Form N-565)

A Citizenship Certificate is a U.S. identity document for a person who obtained U.S. citizenship through parents (derivation or acquisition).

Do not file Form N-565 for the following reasons:

N-565 Online Filing

Can Form N-565 be filed online?

USCIS offers an online filing option for the Form N-565, Application for Replacement Naturalization/Citizenship Document.  But there are tradeoffs when you use USCIS online filing. You can submit your application quickly. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you get quick processing or protections from mistakes. If you are interested a quick approval, focus on submitting a well-prepared application package. It’s the difference between saving a couple of days with online filing versus saving several weeks with smooth processing. What’s more, USCIS is not your advocate. They are not looking out for your best interests. If you include information that damages your application or your immigration future, USCIS isn’t going to correct you.

For people who want to make sure they are preparing the application correctly, CitizenPath offers an affordable service created by immigration attorneys. CitizenPath’s Citizenship Document Replacement Package makes the application easy and gives you alerts if there’s a problem. You’ll also receive detailed filing instructions so you know exactly which supporting documents to submit with your application. CitizenPath even provides a money-back guarantee that USCIS will approve your application.

You may always download a copy of the Form N-565 PDF from the USCIS website. Occasionally, USCIS publishes new editions of the N-565 application. Make sure you are using an edition which USCIS accepts. Although you may use black ink to fill in your Form N-565 by hand, it’s preferable to file a typed application. This helps prevent mistakes and may improve intake speed.

Form N-565 Instructions

How do I fill out N-565?

CitizenPath's easy-to-use website helps you prepare the application quickly and accurately. Our online service provides step-by-step N-565 instructions to make it easy. We even give you a money-back guarantee that USCIS will approve your application.

If you prefer to fill out the Form N-565 PDF, you can download instructions from USCIS or follow this summary of directions.

General Guidance

  • Type or print answers in black ink only. 
  • Enter “N/A” if an answer is not applicable and "NONE" if your answer is zero.
  • Foreign language documents must be accompanied by a full English certified translation.
  • Submit your application with the current USCIS filing fee. Use a personal check, money order, cashier’s check or use Form G-1450 to pay by credit card.
  • Submit photocopies for all supporting documents unless an original document is specifically required.

Part 1

  • For Information About You, list your current legal name, even if it is different than the version of your name on the certificate. Provide a mailing address where you can safely receive mail. USCIS will mail you notices and appointment information at this address.

Part 2

Parts 3 and 4

  • For Processing Information, provide biographic and marital information plus details about your previously issued certificate.
  • For Complete if Applying To Correct Your Document, indicate exactly why your current citizenship document is incorrect only if you've selected Item 2C or 2G in Part 2. You'll also need to submit evidence to support your claim that the mistake was the fault of the Department of Homeland Security.

Parts 5, 6, and 7

  • For Complete If Applying for a New Document Because of a Name Change, answer only if you've selected Item 2D in Part 2. Indicate how you legally changed your name and submit evidence in the form of a marriage certificate, divorce decree or court order.
  • For Complete If Applying for a New Certificate of Citizenship Because of a Date of Birth Change, answer only if you've selected Item 2E in Part 2. Indicate how you legally changed your birth date and submit evidence in the form of a court order or state-issued birth certificate. Note that only citizenship certificate applicants can replace a document based on a birth date change.
  • For Complete If Applying for a New Document Because of a Change in Gender, answer only if you've selected Item 2F in Part 2. Indicate how you legally changed your gender and submit evidence in the form of a court order, state-issued birth documentation, or medical certification from a licensed physician.
  • For Complete If Applying for a Special Certificate of Recognition, answer only if you've selected Item 1E in Part 2. An official from the country making the request should provide this information.

Parts 10 and 11

  • For Applicant's Statement, sign your application with black ink. A surprising number of N-565 rejections are the result of applicants forgetting to sign or signing in the wrong place. Provide an email and U.S. phone numbers where USCIS can reliably reach you. USCIS will rarely call applicants, but they will use email.
  • For Interpreter and Preparer, provide information if applicable. If you prepared your Form N-565, it’s only necessary to sign as the “applicant.” If another person translated or prepared the application for you, be sure Parts 10 and 11 are filled in and signed appropriately.

This is an abbreviated list of Form N-565 instructions. We highly recommend that you download USCIS instructions or use CitizenPath’s service to prepare the application. CitizenPath provides filing instructions customized to your situation. You’ll get detailed N-565 instructions that explain which supporting documents to submit, how to organize, and where to mail.

Filing Addresses for the Application

Where to mail Form N-565?

USCIS accepts the N-565 application via e-file and mail. They do not want applicants to submit the form in-person at USCIS offices.

Although USCIS currently receives all applications at the Phoenix Lockbox, they will generally process the form at a separate service center.

If you are sending via the U.S. Postal Service, mail the package to:

Attn: N-565
P.O. Box 20050
Phoenix, AZ 85036-0050

If you will send via a courier service like FedEx, UPS or DHL, mail the package to:

Attn: N-565 (Box 20050)
1820 E. Skyharbor Circle S, Ste. 100
Phoenix, AZ 85034-4850

Please note that USCIS does occasionally change lockbox locations that receive applications. Refer to your CitizenPath filing instructions or the USCIS website for the most up-to-date information.

N-565 Application Processing Time

How long does Form N-565 take?

USCIS is reporting processing times in excess of one year. The processing time for Form N-565 can vary from 5 to 8 months for the majority of CitizenPath applicants. The best way to ensure a smooth process and quick processing time is to prepare a strong application. Of course, you must meet the eligibility requirements. But presenting a neat and well-organized application package is also important.

For an in-depth look at what happens after filing the application, visit our N-565 processing time line.

Reporting for processing times only includes forms that were successfully filed. If an individual does not correctly prepare a form or otherwise does not satisfy eligibility requirements, USCIS will reject or deny these requests. For the most recent year, USCIS reported the following national statistics:

USCIS Rejections in 2023


3,345 Rejections
USCIS Denials in 2023


4,011 Denials

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