Finding Your Family-Based Path to

Apply for a Green Card

Applicant is inside the U.S.

If the green card applicant is lawfully present in the United States, they may be able to apply for a green card through adjustment of status.

Applicant is outside the U.S.

If the green card applicant is outside the United States, the petitioner gets the process started. This is the beginning of consular processing.

Explain My Options for

Family-Based Immigration in the United States

As you and your family prepare to apply for a green card, it's important for you to educate yourself about the process. CitizenPath provides a best-in-class service to help you prepare your applications correctly, but we also want to empower you to make the right decisions.

Adjustment of status and consular processing are the two basic ways to apply for a green card. But only certain applicants have a choice. Most people must take the consular processing path to a permanent resident status. Far fewer may adjust status to permanent resident status. That's because you generally must be inside the United States through a lawful entry and an immigrant visa (green card) must be immediately available to you in order to adjust status. For a more detailed explanation, please read about the family-based immigration process. Although employment-based green cards and other paths are similar, our focus is family-based immigration.

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