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dual intent visas for nonimmigrants Dual Intent Visas - A dual intent visa allows foreign nationals to be temporarily present in the United States with the known intention of possibly immigrating to the U.S. permanently. That’s significant because most temporary visas require that the visitor intend to return home. Thus, attempting to adjust status to permanent resident with other nonimmigrant visas can potentially trigger … Continue reading Dual Intent Visas
Get a visitor visa with a pending I-130 petition Obtaining a U.S. Visitor Visa with a Pending I-130 Petition - The process to obtain a family-based green card can be a long road. While some eligible relationships may only take a few months, other can take years. Naturally, it would be nice to visit family in the United States while waiting for the immigrant visa. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to obtain a B-1 or … Continue reading Obtaining a U.S. Visitor Visa with a Pending I-130 Petition
Family Based Green Card Family-Based Green Card Application - The steps to obtain a family-based green card — officially known as a permanent resident card — vary based on the qualifying family relationship and where you live (inside the United States or outside). If you would like to petition (sponsor) a family member for a green card or you are a foreign national that … Continue reading Family-Based Green Card Application

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