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FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) posts in the CitizenPath immigration blog.

How to Get a Copy of Your Immigration File

Getting an Immigration FileThe Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) allows you to obtain copies of the records and documents in your alien file (immigration file). As a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, you may also request the immigration records of other people (provided that person consents to the search).

You may obtain specific documents inside your records or even a complete copy of your entire immigration file. Continue reading

USCIS Helps with Your Genealogy Search

genealogy search uscis alien filesAlmost every American has a family history that includes immigration to the United States. Except for the few Native Americans that resided here for thousands of years, the vast majority of us either immigrated or have ancestors that immigrated.

Your genealogy search can get a little extra help from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) — they have a variety of resources to get you access to these records.

In many cases these immigration records are still available. There are a variety of reasons for wanting these records ranging from curiosity about one’s genealogy to a need for evidence in a current day immigration case. Continue reading