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How do I add additional information to my I-751 petition?

In many cases you may have more information than will fit into the standard space provided on Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence. This is common for petitioners with several previous addresses or other names. You can make use of Page 11, Part 11 of Form I-751 to add any additional information which did not fit in other parts of the form. However, sometimes Part 11 is not sufficient or does not comfortably accommodate the additional information.

I-751 Additional Information

When preparing Form I-751 on CitizenPath, our software will automatically prepare you an Additional Information sheet if necessary. Your extensive address history or other names will be neatly itemized so that USCIS can quickly process the petition. Try it now >>

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If creating your own sheet, ensure that the petitioner’s name and A-number appear on each page.

How to Submit the I-751 Additional Information Sheet(s)

When filing your I-751 petition, include this sheet directly behind your completed Form I-751. Mail the petition to the address that corresponds with your state (as described on USCIS.gov) or refer to your CitizenPath filing instructions.

Source: USCIS