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Am I required to list my property and assets on Form I-134?

property and assets for use on Form I-134A supporter uses Form I-134 to establish that he or she has sufficient resources to financially support a non-immigrant visitor to the United States. If your salary is sufficiently more than 100 percent of the federal poverty guidelines for the household size, you generally do not need to provide details about your assets. That’s because you’ve already satisfied the requirement through income. However, listing assets can help strengthen your declaration if you barely meet the income requirement or USCIS determine your income isn’t reliable.

However, when your income is not sufficient to qualify, you must use assets on Form I-134 to meet the requirements. Listing property and assets that can potentially be sold for cash may help bridge the gap.

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Types of Property and Assets

Generally, cash accounts in banks or investments carry the most weight. List money you have in banks and investment companies holding your checking accounts, certificates of deposit, and other accounts with cash on deposit. When listing personal property — such as vehicles, jewelry and appliances — you may provide an approximate value.

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Required Cash Value of Assets on Form I-134

If you depend on property and assets to cover your shortfall, the net value of assets must equal at least five times shortfall. The total net value of assets, less liens and liabilities against them, must equal five times the difference between the supporter’s income and 100 percent of the federal poverty guideline for the household size.

For example, a potential I-134 supporter has an income of $25,000. However, the necessary minimum income for his household size is $35,000. There is a shortfall of $10,000. He or she may use assets to make up this difference. The supporter’s net assets must value at least $50,000 (5 times the shortfall).

If your income alone is not sufficient to qualify as a supporter on Form I-134, proceed cautiously. Unless you have substantial assets which can be liquidated as income, it’s generally best to find another supporter who can use income to qualify. If you choose to use assets on Form I-134 to qualify as a supporter, please work with a qualified immigration attorney.

Source: USCIS