Mortgage with Expired Green Card

Applying for a Mortgage with an Expired Green Card

Applying for a Mortgage with an Expired Green Card

Most home lenders won’t accept an expired green card — Here’s the solution.
Officially known as a Permanent Resident Card, your green card is physical proof of your right to live and work in the United States. It’s also a necessary document when applying for a mortgage. In most cases, a lender won’t approve mortgages for applicants with an expired or missing green card. What’s more, the process to renew/replace a green card can easily take six months! There is a solution to help you close on the purchase of your new home. The mortgage funding process is a juggling act, so speed is a critical factor. You want to resolve this requirement as soon as possible.

mortgage loan with expired green card

First, you’ll have to file Form I-90 to start the standard green card renewal (or replacement process). But instead of waiting six months, we’ll show you how to get a special stamp that’s accepted by immigration officials, employers and mortgage lenders as proof of your permanent residence.

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How to Renew/Replace a Green Card

To renew (or replace) your green card, you’ll need to file Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card, as soon as possible.

Did you know 8% of all USCIS applications are rejected?
And thousands more get denied. When filing Form I-90 to replace your green card, it’s very important to prepare the application according to the instructions. Errors, omissions and inconsistencies can cause delays. In the worst cases, these mistakes create long-term immigration problems. The application can be downloaded from USCIS, or you can use the services of CitizenPath to help you prepare it. The low-cost service is free to try.

So far today 37 people have used CitizenPath to help prepare Form I-90

How to Obtain Proof of Permanent Residence When Your Green Card is Expired

CitizenPath helps you prepare Form I-90 by providing step-by-step instructions that save you time and avoid costly delays. CitizenPath even provides alerts if you answer a question in a way that might be a problem. It only takes about 15 minutes, and you’ll be able to file Form I-90 today. Plus, we guarantee that USCIS will accept your application.

Prepare and File Form I-90
$87 + USCIS fees

Step-by-step instructions help you prepare the form in about 15 minutes. Print the I-90 and customized filing instructions from your home or office.

Await the Notice of Action
The I-797 arrives in about 2 weeks.

USCIS will mail you an I-797, Notice of Action. This “receipt letter” is proof that you’ve successfully filed Form I-90.

Schedule a USCIS Appointment
Some offices will not accept walk-ins.

Once you’ve received the I-797, Notice of Action, you can attend an appointment at your local USCIS office.

Get an I-551 Stamp
The stamp is your proof of status.

Attend your appointment with the I-797, your green card, passport and appointment notice. Request the I-551 stamp on your passport.

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More Questions about Mortgage Loans and Proof of Residency

Not all home loans require proof of residency. However, loans that require proof of your permanent residence will generally be easier to get and have more favorable terms. You may be able to find a loan that doesn’t require proof of residency, but you’ll probably pay more.

Many loan guidelines come from mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac which buy the majority of home loans on the secondary market. These are the two governments-supported organizations that buy mortgages from lenders and then sell them to investors through Wall Street. If a lender wants to sell its loans to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, they must ensure that those loans meet the minimum guidelines established by those organizations.

How quickly you can provide your mortgage lender the proof of permanent resident status depends on several factors, but most people can obtain the necessary I-551 stamp in 2-3 weeks.

It’s vital that you prepare an accurate Form I-90 and file it with USCIS as soon as possible. Use an overnight courier service to deliver it to USCIS.

You want to purchase a new home. Your lender wants to write a loan. There’s a mutual interest to complete the loan process. But mortgage lenders don’t like surprises. So communicate with your lender as soon as your learn that your green card is expired. Explain to them your situation and how you are resolving it as soon as possible.
The documents that you submit with Form I-90 vary based on your answers in the Form I-90 application. Generally, most people will need to submit the USCIS filing fee and a copy of the expired green card. If you’ve lost the green card, you may send a copy of a government-issued ID. Examples of other government-issued ID that are acceptable include a driver’s license, passport or U.S. military ID.

Specific details about required documentation will be printed on your personalized instructions once you complete Form I-90 through CitizenPath. Get started.

When filing Form I-90 to replace a lost green card, you’ll need to pay a USCIS filing fee of $455 plus a biometrics fee of $85. The total USCIS fees are currently $540.