Need to travel when your green card is expired

I need to travel but my green card is expired

I Need to Travel but my Green Card is Expired!

Re-entry to the United States after travel abroad requires valid, unexpired proof of permanent residence — Here’s the solution.

Officially known as a Permanent Resident Card, your green card is physical proof of your right to live and work in the United States. It’s also an essential document for re-entering the United States after a trip abroad. An expired green card will generally cause a delay, may require the payment of a steep re-entry fee, and can potentially create more significant immigration problems. Even if you renew your card before leaving, the process can easily take six months! There is a solution to help you depart for your trip on time.

travel abroad outside the united states with expired green card

First, you’ll need to file Form I-90 to start the standard green card renewal (or replacement process). But instead of waiting six months, we’ll show you how to get a special stamp that’s accepted by U.S. Customs and Border Protection as proof of your permanent residence.

proof of permanent residence after traveling abroad

How to Renew/Replace a Green Card

To renew (or replace) your green card, you’ll need to file Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card, as soon as possible.

Did you know 8% of all USCIS applications are rejected?
And thousands more get denied. When filing Form I-90 to replace your green card, it’s very important to prepare the application according to the instructions. Errors, omissions and inconsistencies can cause delays. In the worst cases, these mistakes create long-term immigration problems. The application can be downloaded from USCIS, or you can use the services of CitizenPath to help you prepare it. The low-cost service is free to get started.

So far today 37 people have used CitizenPath to help prepare Form I-90

How to Obtain Proof of Permanent Residence When Your Green Card is Expired

CitizenPath helps you prepare Form I-90 by providing step-by-step instructions that save you time and avoid costly delays. CitizenPath even provides alerts if you answer a question in a way that might be a problem. It only takes about 15 minutes, and you’ll be able to file Form I-90 today. Plus, we guarantee that USCIS will accept your application.

Prepare and File Form I-90
$87 + USCIS fees

Step-by-step instructions help you prepare the form in about 15 minutes. Print the I-90 and customized filing instructions from your home or office.

Await the Notice of Action
The I-797C arrives in about 2 weeks.

USCIS will mail you an I-797C, Notice of Action. This “receipt letter” is proof that you’ve successfully filed Form I-90.

Schedule a USCIS Appointment
Some offices will not accept walk-ins.

Once you’ve received the I-797C, Notice of Action, you can attend an appointment at your local USCIS office.

Get an I-551 Stamp
The stamp is your proof of status.

Attend your appointment with the I-797C, your green card, passport and appointment notice. Request the I-551 stamp on your passport.

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