Press Release: CitizenPath Guarantees the Acceptance of USCIS Immigration Forms


FULLERTON, Calif. (October 30, 2015) – Immigrants filing for benefits from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) can now get the reassurance of filing correctly. CitizenPath now guarantees that any USCIS immigration form prepared on its website will be accepted by USCIS.

USCIS publishes various forms that must be filed by immigrants who wish to receive various benefits. These benefits range from requesting deferred action to renewing a green card to applying for U.S. citizenship.

Over six million USCIS forms are filed each year, and in most cases, applicants can file USCIS forms without the assistance of an immigration attorney. However, minor mistakes and incompletions can create cost delays for filers. In the worst cases, misguided applications can even create expensive, long-term legal issues.

CitizenPath provides a self-help service for do-it-yourself immigration filers. The service simplifies complicated immigration forms similar to how TurboTax® helps its customers with tax preparation. Immigrants use the CitizenPath website to prepare various forms. Upon completion, the user receives the neatly prepared form(s) and a set of simplified filing instructions based on the applicant’s specific situation. The online service, which was designed by attorneys, has three primary benefits for applicants:

  • Conditional logic presents questions in an intuitive fashion so that unnecessary questions are avoided and the application can be prepared quickly.
  • Tool tips provide more detailed information when a question is not self-explanatory. Everyday language, diagrams and examples are used to inform the user.
  • A free trial allows users to evaluate the service’s value before purchase and get free screening to see if an attorney is a better solution for that user’s situation.

“Our service is an exceptional solution for immigrants that have straight-forward immigration cases,” says Russ Leimer, co-founder and chief marketing officer. When CitizenPath does find that an applicant’s case requires the attention of an attorney, no fee is charged. In fact CitizenPath does not charge any fee until the applicant is finished and satisfied.

CitizenPath’s USCIS Acceptance Guarantee provides a complete refund to the customer if USCIS rejects a form that was prepared on the CitizenPath website. The complete policy can be reviewed at

Developed by immigration attorneys and internet experts, CitizenPath uses technology to simplify the process of preparing complex USCIS immigration forms. CitizenPath is not a law firm and cannot provide legal advice, but the company’s software is able to alert users when they have answered questions in a form that could be problematic. Users also receive customized filing instructions based on their answers. CitizenPath is a cost-effective immigration document preparation tool for the do-it-yourself filer. The company’s form preparation tools and free immigration resources can be found at

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