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How do I attach additional records to my I-821 application?

USCIS requires applicants to provide full and complete answers. When your records do not fit the limited space on Form I-821, Application for Temporary Protected Status, you’ll need to include the information in an organized way. Failure to present the information neatly can lead to confusion. For USCIS, confusion results in a Request for Evidence or even a rejection.

Attaching Additional Records to Form I-821

In some cases you may have more information than will fit into the standard space provided on Form I-821. This is common for applicants with several children or other names. If possible, you should make use of the Additional Information section (Part 11) of Form I-821 to add any information which did not fit in other parts of the form. When Part 11 isn’t sufficient, CitizenPath has an I-821 Attachment Template.

I-821 Attachment Sample

Use the I-821 Attachment Template when the Part 11 Additional Information does not satisfy your needs. CitizenPath provides a downloadable Microsoft Word template to help you get started.

The template is a starting point. You can delete sections that you do not need. If you are creating your own attachment sheet, be sure to include your full name and alien registration number (if applicable) on each sheet.

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How to Submit the I-821 Attachment Sheet(s)

When filing your application for temporary protected status, include this sheet directly behind your completed Form I-821. Mail the application to the address that corresponds with your state as described on USCIS.gov or as explained in your filing instructions from CitizenPath.

Source: USCIS