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How do I make a FOIA request for a child?

Making a FOIA Request for a Child

If a parent is filing Form G-639, Freedom of Information/Privacy Act (FOIA) Request, on behalf of a minor child, then he or she must submit proof of parentage for the verification of identity section. Proof of parentage can be in the form of one of the following documents:

  • Birth certificate
  • Adoption decree
  • Similar document naming the requester as the legal parent

If a guardian is filing on behalf of his or her ward, he or she must submit proof of guardianship. The signature of the parent/guardian must be notarized or signed under penalty of perjury.

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Why File Form G-639 on Behalf of a Child

FOIA requests for a child can produce important information for use in adoption cases. A child that has previously come into contact with immigration officials may have a file with USCIS. In other cases, it may be helpful to obtain a child’s immigration records to establish U.S. citizenship. Certain foreign-born children may have automatically “derived” U.S. citizenship through their naturalized parents. For more information, read Derivation of U.S. Citizenship for Children.