What is class of admission on Form I-90?

Class of Admission Explained

Class of Admission (on Part 1, Question 14 in Form I-90) describes the visa category that was used to admit an immigrant to the U.S. as a permanent resident or conditional permanent resident.

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Where to Find Class of Admission

You can find the Class of Admission code on the front side of a newer green card right under “Category.” It is typically one or two letters followed by a number, (e.g., IR2). For example, RE8 would be the class of admission for the green card holder shown in the image below. USCIS has changed the location on the card over time. You may find the code in a different place on older cards. For examples of more types of green cards, use CitizenPath to prepare your Form I-90.

Class of admission on form i-90 green card renewal

If you’ve lost your card, you may be able to locate the Class of Admission code on other documents such as an immigrant visa. If you were admitted to the United States with an immigrant visa in your passport, the admission code is printed on it. Look for the code located under “IV Category.”

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Date of Admission

Date of Admission is a closely related piece of information. It’s simply the date that USCIS granted you permanent resident or conditional permanent resident status.

Note: You may have entered the country on a non-immigrant visa and adjusted status to permanent resident. In this case don’t confuse your initial nonimmigrant visa status (e.g. tourist) with the immigrant visa category under which you became a permanent resident.

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Source: USCIS