Do-It-Yourself Immigration

Proud New United States Citizen
Photo by Bill Morrow

Can-do attitude and pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps is the heart and soul of American culture, right? Many new Americans get that same satisfaction by navigating the immigration process on their own. You can complete and file USCIS forms and applications on your own; many immigrants (and their family sponsors) do it every day.

However, many choose to use a lawyer simply because the stakes are high. Much like tax preparation, immigration paperwork can often be handled on your own. And like tax CPAs, immigration attorneys provide the gold standard in knowledge and may provide invaluable advice. Unfortunately, they simply cost too much for many people. So how do you know what’s best for you?

The founders of CitizenPath recognized this dilemma and wanted to provide a solution for immigrants and their families. We developed our online interview process to help give you the reassurance that your USCIS forms and applications are being completed accurately but without the expense of an attorney. It’s do-it-yourself immigration document services.

CitizenPath offers an exceptional value for straightforward immigration situations where a safety net and simple help is required. CitizenPath is not a good solution for everyone. Any time you have arrests, previous immigration violations, or even just a suspicion that your situation may be extraordinary, it makes sense to speak to an immigration attorney. Immigration attorneys do more than just fill out paperwork! A good attorney spots problems before they occur and advises clients accordingly. In fact, we will suggest that you consult with an attorney if the answers you provide suggest that your case needs more attention than we can provide.

We want the best result for you. Perhaps the best feature is that you can try our service for free.