Deferred Action Renewal… Without the Lawyer


deferred action renewal graduate studentMany applicants who were granted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) are now in the process of renewing. And many are finding it possible to renewal on their own. Deferred action renewal is proving to be significantly easier for these individuals to navigate on their own. Many have chosen to do without a lawyer this time around. There are significantly fewer documents that need to be submitted with the application. And provided that you’ve stayed on course, your initial grant is a good foundation for a deferred action renewal. DACA has been a success – as a group, deferred action grantees are significantly better off than two years ago.

CitizenPath is a low-cost legal self-help service that was developed by immigration lawyers to help immigrants prepare USCIS forms like deferred action renewal. The online service is perfect for the do-it-yourself deferred action candidate that just wants a little extra help and reassurance that he/she is preparing the DACA renewal correctly.

CitizenPath guides applicants through the renewal process with step-by-step instructions and alerts if there might be a problem. It’s very affordable, easy and only takes about 25 minutes for most applicants. Best of all, you can try it out before you pay.

Deferred Action Renewal… 1, 2, 3 Forms!

Three individual forms are required for deferred action renewal: I-821D, I-765 and I-765WS. CitizenPath’s preparation service combines all three forms into one simple process. This makes it easier for you, and it helps ensure consistency throughout your application. When you’re finished with our online DACA application, we’ll provide all three forms as PDFs that you may print and save on a computer for your records. The PDFs will be neatly prepared… ready to sign and send. We even provide a fourth form (G-1145) for free if you would like e-notification (text or email) from USCIS when they receive your application. Try it now.

DACA Renewal Filing Instructions

Have you seen the I-821D filing instructions? There are 14 pages of USCIS terminology and gobbledygook. That’s just one form. We combine the instructions from all three forms into one simple set of instructions customized just for you (based on your answers). Have confidence that you are filing correctly. Try it now.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so sure that you’ll like our service that we don’t charge you until you are finished with the DACA application and ready to print. In fact, we require no sign up or credit card number to get started. You can try out our service with absolutely no obligation. See if it works for you. If you’re happy and satisfied at the end, pay an affordable preparation fee so that you can print your prepared forms and filing instructions. You are also welcome to call us for additional customer support.

When to Contact a Lawyer for Deferred Action Renewal

Not everyone is a good candidate to apply for the deferred action renewal on their own. There are some situations that require an experienced immigration attorney. DACA applicants that have been arrested, left the country without advance parole, or accumulated any other immigration violation should consult with an attorney before filing. In some cases, the attorney can provide the necessary information with a short and inexpensive consultation.

One advantage of using CitizenPath is that our service will help you identify potential problem areas. If CitizenPath detects a problem with one of your answers, we will provide an alert. The alert may ask you to contact an attorney or it may be an issue that you can easily fix on your own. Try it out.


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