Affiliate Program

  • 20% commission
  • 45-day cookie duration
  • Easy and free to join


Affiliate Program

Commissions Made Simple

How It Works

The CitizenPath Affiliate Program is a way for you to earn a commission by promoting CitizenPath services using banner ads or text links within your website. Each time a visitor clicks on a CitizenPath link on your website and completes a purchase, you’ll earn money.

Generous Commissions

Earn 20% for every customer purchase completed by a referral. You’ll receive commission on sales made up to 45 days from the date your ad was clicked.

Easy-to-Sell Service

The convenience and value of our service speaks for itself. Immigration lawyers can be incredibly expensive, but preparing immigration by yourself carries certain risks. Our attorney-designed product gives do-it-yourself preparers the confidence that they’ve done everything correctly.

It’s Easy and Free to Join

Our program is easy to implement. We’ll provide you a simple code to add to links to our website. Don’t worry about HTML — our program is setup to make link generation as easy as cutting and pasting.

Work with the Leader is the quickest and easiest way to prepare USCIS immigration forms. What’s more, it’s the only service actually designed by immigration attorneys. We guarantee that our customers’ forms will be accepted by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services!

To begin earning, simply complete the online application
and agree to all terms of the CitizenPath Affiliate Program Agreement.


Affiliate Program FAQs